HypnoBirthing Specialist in North London

HypnoBirthing – Your complete Antenatal Teaching

Would you like to be in charge of how you feel about your birth?
How would your life be different if you learned to remain calm in any situation?
Your mind is the key.

How can Hypnobirthing help me?

Our fears reside inside our minds, not outside of them.

This programme prepares your powerful mind to come on board. Through visualisations and affirmations that strengthen a positive resolve, you build trust in your ability to birth comfortably and learn to rely on your instincts.

How does Hypnobirthing work?

HypnoBirthing is an entirely logical antenatal education programme based on anatomy and physiology. It teaches you about the function of the muscles involved in labour and birth.

In addition, it prepares your mind-set to flow with the natural birthing process, rather than antagonising it by going into fearful states and unfounded expectations. This programme offers very clear information that is easy to absorb and integrate.

What is my time commitment?

In the classes you are given exercises to practice with your birth partner. You attend 4 sessions (2 hours each) and you practice at home 20 minutes per day. The practice gives the expectant parents, or the mother and her birthing partner, the chance to focus solely on the experience of relaxation, and to connect with the baby.

Hypnobirthing teaches you life-skills that benefit you in every-day situations:

  • In a work environment, where the busyness may resemble that of a hospital (yes!)
  • In public transport, blocking off all noise (always challenging for the nervous system)
  • Stuck in heavy traffic to keep a Zen-like mind
  • Situations with older children that demand our inner self to remain calm

When you practice every day, you will be able to relax both body and mind in just a few seconds, regardless of your environment. This is worth its weight in gold, trust me!

How will Hypnobirthing benefit my baby?

Your emotional environment affects your baby in your womb. When you have a calm and relaxed attitude towards labour and birth, your baby will benefit.

HypnoBirthing babies are more likely to be born calm, and alert, able to bond with you quickly.

The way we are birthed affects us for the rest of our lives and we cannot over-estimate the importance of a calm birth.

When do I take the course?

It is advisable to start the course early in your pregnancy to give yourselves plenty of time to practice and master the techniques and to reap the full benefit of experiencing deep relaxation throughout your pregnancy.

Nevertheless, if you happen to decide later in the day, that HypnoBirthing is for you, just go for it! Some clients have started in the last month of their pregnancy and have achieved a peaceful mind to approach their birth.

What will I learn in the course?

  • Fear release methods to overcome anxiety about the birth
  • Self-hypnosis to induce deep relaxation whilst remaining totally present
  • Massage techniques to release endorphins, your body’s natural anaesthetic
  • Breathing practices for relaxation and birth itself
  • Visualisation exercises and affirmations to keep you serene and positive

HypnoBirthing facilitates the best possible way of achieving, calm, and fear-free births, and still we cannot guarantee that a positive experience will mean an easy one, as birth carries a powerful energy with it.

Mastering your mind will enable you to trust your body and remain serene and relaxed during your labour.

Who is my teacher?

I bring to my HypnoBirthing classes my extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth gained through over 20 years of supporting pregnant women as a Massage Therapist and a Doula.

In my own life, I have experienced how powerful our brilliant minds are to create our experiences. Teaching others to align their mind with their deepest wishes is my passion.

What is my investment?

Private classes can be held in your own home, or mine in North London, to accommodate your schedule. The cost of the course for you and your partner, or your birth companion, is £450 which includes:

  • The HypnoBirthing Book by Katharine Graves
  • Katherine Graves’ HypnoBirthing MP3s: “Colour and Calmness and Affirmations for an Empowered Birth”
  • Parents’ notes from the course

You may book additional sessions to look into any questions or concerns, and/or review any of the techniques from the course, for an additional fee to be discussed, depending on location and travel time, if in your home.

Phone me to book your session on: 0776 882 7728
Or drop me an email:

Kind Words from Kind People

My husband and I came to Marie-Claire a month before I was due, to do four one to one sessions in hope that they could transform all my crazy fears and negative thought-patterns about labour and birth. Despite the fact that hypnobirthing is best when started few months before, it is a testament to Marie-Claire, that within a few 2 hour last minute sessions I completely transformed my thinking and consciousness about what to expect. Not only from a Hynobirthing perspective, but because she is an experienced Doula, it meant that she came with a huge amount of practical hands-on labour and birth knowledge, from the medical, to the alternative therapies, to the complete experiential side of it all, which was able to satiate my logical mind too and put it to rest!

After being petrified of even talking about pregnancy or birth my whole life, and about being very resistant to hypnobirthing, I am truly amazed with myself and how changed I am in so little time. Even my husband went on a real journey in himself, not to mention how we got even closer surrounding the pregnancy because of it.

I would highly recommend anyone who is expecting, to visit Marie-Claire! Her classes are truly life changing, especially if you come to her open minded.


Daniel’s wife

With each of the four sessions with Marie-Claire I have seen my wife grow deeper, get more connected and feel a greater connection with this new soul we are bringing in to the world.

We have had great pleasure in the process with Marie-Claire and lots of laughs too!… We looked forward to each session bringing a new element to our experience and were always given something to work on and improve in between classes.

We would highly recommend Marie-Claire, both for her physical down to earth advice, which brings a vital awareness and sense of preparation for the big day and for her energetic advice too, to elevate the heart, mind and spirit in this magical process.

Thank you so much Marie-Claire!


Sigalit’s husband

“The Hypnobirthing course with Marie-Claire has been exceptionally helpful and great source of awareness for the whole of the birthing process as well as the pregnancy.

First of all, I want to state how wonderful and attentive MC is, she was totally open to adapting to us with dates in a time when we had a complicated schedule. On top of that she is extremely caring and loving while still sticking to the material we had to cover and exposure of ideas and knowledge.

Secondly, it is wonderful to have her knowledge as a doula in the hypnobirthing course. She gave us so many tips that are not in the books! I feel like this is the most precious part of it all; that apart from covering the material she was also able and keen to explain and explore with us all the different options and tips during birthing. She has knowledge of essential oils, positions, anatomy, and much more.

I really do think that this is a wonderful course to do with her and that you will be touched with her great passion for labour, hypnobirthing and assisting in creating conscious mothers, fathers and babies.

I am greatly thankful to her for a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to using all the tools once the labour is due!”


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