Birth Doula FAQs

What can I expect from my doula?

I will protect your privacy.

I will ensure your wishes are respected.

I will remind you of your options, suggest questions to ask medical staff (in case of hospital birth), act as a sounding board for a new proposed course of action, pros and cons, making sure you and your partner feel informed and in control.

I will not make decisions on your behalf.

Will a doula take my partner’s place?

Some partners fear that a doula might replace them. That is not the case. I am part of a team, you, your baby, your partner, and me. It is so much nicer to be able to count on your doula to go and have a nap, if you are the partner, or go for a walk to get a clear head after hours of being in the birth atmosphere. Partners feel how priceless it is to be able to share the care of the birthing woman with a professional, whom they know is not emotionally involved and yet is experienced.

Wouldn’t it be intrusive to have a doula in such an intimate experience?

I am as invisible or visible as you need me to be. I become that fly on the wall that guards your privacy, supports your wishes, shares the birthing energy with the three of you.

Can doulas give medical advice?

We are not medical professionals. We do not perform examinations, nor is it our role.

I have the knowledge and the experience to walk beside you in your birthing journey. As a doula, I am there to support you and your family emotionally, physically and practically.

For more information about my training, see Qualifications and Training.

Birth Doula Benefits Research

Research proves that hiring a Doula is beneficial for the labouring woman.

Having the support of a doula reduces the chances of medical interventions such as inductions, epidurals, instrumental births and caesareans.

Women who have continuous emotional and practical support from a Doula are less likely to request pain relief, tend to have shorter labours and have a more positive outlook on their birthing experience.

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