Pregnancy Massage Specialist in North London

Pregnancy is an experience like no other. It takes us on a roller-coaster, physically, emotionally and energetically.

During gestation our body calls for attention, care and assistance, having to perform this incredibly complex task of creating another system with its own resources.

Massage may:

  • Help your muscles to relax as they have to adapt to your growing baby.
  • Relieve back ache, sore feet, tired shoulders, promoting a state of deep relaxion.
  • Assist your lymphatic sytem to drain accumulated fluids in your ankles, feet, fingers and face.
  • It can help your digestion and your sleep.
  • Help with the distribution of essential nutrients to the placenta.
  • Relieve Symphesis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).
  • Help High Blood Pressure through relaxion.

Your baby will also benefit from the massage because a relaxed mother will transmit this state to her embryo and as the baby grows they receive the treatment during abdominal massage.

Regular massage gives an opportunity for the mum to have some personal time, share with the therapist her concerns and experience intimately her changing body and her growing baby.

Together we can devise an exercise routine suited for each trimester and your individual requirements.

You may prefer to receive your massage in the comfort of your own home. I will be happy to visit with my very comfortable couch.

I have trained with Well Mother in Massage for Pregnancy and Birth and Shiatsu for labour.

I have 20 years experience as a massage practitioner.

Call me now on 0776 882 7728 to book a massage or receive more information. I will endeavour to return your call within the next 48 hours, births permitting.

Or drop me an email:

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