Special VBAC Support

I love supporting women who have chosen to give birth vaginally, after having undergone a C-Section. It takes courage and determination to go after what we want despite painful or frustrating experiences. That is how we grow.

Are you feeling somewhat cheated out of your birthing after having gone through a C-section?

You went through your hypnobirthing preparation but things didn’t go according to plan?

It needn’t influence how you will experience your next birth.

In this session:

  • We debrief the previous birth experience together.
  • I take you through a script to help you release your fears and concerns influenced by your previous experience.
  • Look at your achievements to date, your strengths and perceived challenges

You will also receive the KG VBAC MP3 where you can listen to positive mental reinforcements around being open to a brand new experience.

This session is 3-4 hours long and costs £250.

Phone me to book your session on 0776 882 7728
Or email me with any questions at:

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