Over the past 20 years, I have supported over 200 mothers-to-be with pregnancy massage, hypnobirthing, and doulaing.

As a doula, I have:

  • Been involved in the negotiations for securing the birth centre for women termed ‘high risk’, such a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) and negotiated more time to allow for conditions precluding birth centre to disappear (mum with raised blood pressure on arrival and low blood sugar).
  • Supported couples under pressure of induction, offering a sounding board.
  • Been a support during induction when that was the preferred choice of the mother.
  • Supported many successful VBAC mothers and helped them be well prepared with my relaxation techniques and hypnobirthing experience.
  • Debriefed the previous birth experience and created a ‘blank canvas’ emotionally, to be open to experience a brand new birth.
  • Assisted and supported mothers and their partners during C-sections.
  • Supported and prepared partners to find their strength and confidence to be a rock for the birthing woman.
  • Held the space for the couple to experience labour and birth as an intimate journey.
  • Been a practical doula, making sure there is food for labour and anything else to make your birthing space your own (flannels, straws, pillows, music, electric candles, essential oils).

I am always fully present, as involved or discreet as necessary and will keep my sense of humour throughout!

To discuss my fees and have an informal chat,
please contact me on:
0776 882 7728
or drop me an email at:

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