The Child Whisperer

Your child is a powerful being in their own right, regardless of their age, with their idiosyncrasy which may be foreign to yours and not always easy to understand. Especially when they are babies and young pre-verbal age children, it is complicated to know what is going on. But, even when they already can express themselves, as young adults, clear communication is not always easy.

There are ways to communicate that are not covered in psychology books, or parenting classes because they address a general situation. These approaches can be hit and miss. In an effort to conform to the family’s status quo and fit in, children aren’t being their authentic selves so they may become angry, depressed, withdrawn, sad and call for attention in unhealthy and disruptive ways.

What you don’t know about your child is what is in their thoughts and their hearts, at any age. That level of information is the catalyst for clear communication, understanding, and a loving relationship. This metamorphosis is what I can help you with as a Child Whisperer.

My love for families culminates in this work. I believe that by supporting the individual members within the family unit, I am contributing to creating a strong and healthy underpinning of our society.

Through my healing work, my involvement with pregnancy and birth as a masseuse and a birth doula, my coaching for parents, and my work as a hypnobirthing teacher, I have spent over 20 years supporting families.

Once I discovered how Psych-K® processes and surrogacy help shifting debilitating situations for babies, children and young adults, I became a certified facilitator and began offering these sessions to clients with stunning results.  The phenomenal impact that Psych-K® has on the individual and the family unit, is the cream on top of the cake for me!

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Being the interpreter of the children is very powerful. I am humbled by what they have to say, every time.

These are some of the transformations possible:

  • You realize that your child irrespective of his/her age has an understanding of what is happening around him/her, as refined or even more precise than what you as an adult would allow yourself to admit.
  • Your child will communicate very clearly and specifically in surrogation whatever problems he/she may be experiencing and you can envisage together the changes necessary.
  • Your whole family grows together by weaving relationships that are based on love, respect and a commitment to authenticity.


How Surrogation Works:

To go into surrogation I ask permission from the Higher Self of the child to ‘become them for a bit’.

I don’t ‘exit’ my consciousness while surrogating, I remain present. I have connected with another inside my own body/mind and field of energy. I can feel exactly what they are feeling, very specifically physically and emotionally. I can conduct dialogues with the other person, agree on what they think they need and the messages they want me to pass on to their parents, or other family members. I offer Psych-K® balances to help shift emotions, or beliefs, or/and patterns of behaviour that are not helpful to them.

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Disclaimer: The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental health care.

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